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We are global event planners with a focus on destination weddings and niche events. Starting with the concept & customization to hospitality & logistics management and vendor coordination to other allied aspects, we ensure flawless execution with a high degree of transparency which is an integral part of our ethos.Our team of #wednerds takes pride in striving hard to make your dreams turn to reality, in turn, leaving fond memories for hosts and guests alike. 

Puja K. Laungani

Turning Your Dream into Reality

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Gloria Steinem once said, "Dreaming after all, is a form of planning". This is the thought that Puja tries to emulate for every wedding they plan for.

Her journey in the world of Weddings & Special Occasions started off as early as in 1999 when she owned & managed a Floral Store Franchise. Working closely with Wedding Planners & Event organisers & understanding the decor & creative needs of the events planned was almost her daily routine. What started off as a support function of being a florist for a wedding, it gave the yearning for wanting more involvement in the celebrations planned. After realising that Wedding Planning was where her heart laid in, she gave it the shape of Chapter 2 Events in 2013.

Strive Towards A Unique Experiential Wedding 

This veteran wedding planner uses his expertise in designing a distinguished and unique wedding experience as per your taste & expectations. The creative brain behind the wedding, he provides options & possibilities and stays on top of his game by giving attention to detail in every aspect of the process. His goal is to always outperform the client's expectations. His high regard to professionalism, punctuality, ability to  execute a vision is unparalleled. With a methodical & structured approach, he ensures everything is ready in timely manner.

Kunal Laungani
Co-Founder & Chief Consultant



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