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Little Weddings

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Who would ever imagine what Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma or Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas did, out of their personal choice, would soon become the need of the hour and a ‘New Normal’ in the years to come. While Hilary & Mattew surprised fans with an intimate wedding ceremony held in the front yard of their L.A. home; Priyanka & Nick married in the dreamiest settings of the Umaid Bhavan Palace amongst their close ones only. Neither of these were small scale weddings by any means, but it emphasises on what the couple truly aspired for.

We generally associate Indian weddings as massive gatherings, a lavish spread of culinary treats, larger than life arrangements and endless celebrations. However, with the recent turn of events owing to Covid-19 and the consequent government guidelines, the modus operandi of celebrations is expected to undergo a temporary yet substantial adjustments for now. From our journey and past experiences, we have learnt to overcome such adversities with an optimal solution-centric approach.

The‘Little Weddings’ concept is an effort to recalibrate our approach to celebrations during these unprecedented times. At this point we ask you to take a moment and think about your dream wedding - a celebration where only ‘you’ and ‘your preferences’ matter. Why not have a wedding of your heart’s desire, the one you have been dreaming of for a long time. Hence we propagate a wedding which is leaner (not big or fat) on ‘conventions’ and abundant on ‘personalisation’.

What would a ‘Little Wedding’ look like? You may ask.

Well, let us take you through a wedding experience that encapsulates the little moments around your loved ones with special emphasis on distinctive yet elegant forms of celebrations. After all, it’s the ‘LITTLE’ things in life that make a ‘BIG’ difference!

Niche: As Wedding planners, we curate multiple styles of weddings but what matters the most is curating a wedding for the couple in the manner they always aspired for. Little Weddings are for those couples, who wish to celebrate their wedding with everything that the two of them love and enjoy together amidst their close friends and family, thus carving out memories of a lifetime. The purpose is to include all the fun, grandeur and traditions of an Indian wedding, while also bringing together all the elements representing the couple to create a one of a kind event.

Sustainable: "With great power, there must also come great responsibility" You must be thinking how is it relevant to weddings? Well, we are talking about the ‘spending power’ here. We can’t ignore the damage certain weddings of high scale cause to our mother Earth. The way forward is to make way for eco-conscious practices and optimal use of resources to minimise wastage and in return contribute towards the greater good. Citing examples from our previously organised weddings - ‘A Vegan Wedding’ comprising organic room hampers or an invite containing a ‘planter’ and not to miss a welcome letter made of ‘seed paper’ (yes, you can plant them

), complement the idea we wish to encourage.

Personalised: The true essence of a union lies in the intricacies involved in curating a perfect happily ever after! Planning and executing a bespoke affair with a knack on personal attention and customisation every step of the way to unveil the new ‘chapter’ of your life is what we at C2E take pride in offering. This reminds us of another wedding of ours, where the scale of personalisation was such that every corner exuded the flavour of the union. Couple’s personal stamps to customised sneakers, bride’s chuda, handpicked chefs, 24/7 bar-lounge,

cigar corner, and many such elements left an

indelible impression on everyone in attendance.

Secure: We understand what this day means to you and with the onset of Covid-19, it has become imperative to incorporate and implement the prescribed hygiene norms and compliances to ensure a safe and healthy environment while planning your big day. From supplying sanitizers, hand gloves, and face masks right at the arrival to social distancing measures, contactless deliveries and interweaving these with the flexibility of business terms with vendors, force majeure situations, insurance coverage of certain aspects to create a relaxed environment for your joyous affairs.

As the adage goes - ‘The show must go on’ and so shall weddings. Keeping our spirits high, we hope all of us recover soon from the ongoing scenario and that itself should be a cause for celebration. While we have taken this time to re-think and plan our strategy towards devising new ways to plan your celebrations, let’s together find magic in all the little things in life and enjoy responsibly! For now…

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