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WFH: Weddings From Home

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

As the wedding season is approaching, couples waiting to tie their knot are excited about their forthcoming nuptials. But wait! Is it really advisable to proceed given the prevailing scenario?

The COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year has compelled us to question ourselves and our desires. The necessary curbs on social gatherings have surely dampened the high spirits associated with the wedding celebrations in India, at the same time giving us the opportunity to find viable and sustainable alternatives.

The fact of the matter is that Indian weddings are not just about couples, but the coming together of the entire family, friends, cousins from all over the world. Indian Weddings Celebrations are synonymous with festivals- where families come together as one to celebrate and enjoy. However, given the unusual circumstances, it's crucial to find a balance between our traditions and the new normal. Considering the lesser number of auspicious wedding dates this year, one has to walk a tight rope.

How do we do that?

A ‘Wedding from Home’ or ‘Online Wedding’ is an answer to our above-stated conundrum.

We are sure that by now your thinking caps are on! What would a typical WFH be like? Read on:

  1. Basic: What’s better than getting married in your ancestral house in the presence of your loved ones? Identify the highlight of your house to host the ceremony that can also cater to minimal yet elegant home decor ideas. What’s a wedding without a gorgeous wedding outfit? Connect with your stylist over a video call; try out outfits/jewelry and figure the best one out complementing the overall ambiance. Hygienic cooking practices at social gatherings are inevitable in the times of COVID-19 and otherwise. The best solution to this is getting the food cooked at your own kitchen under your supervision.

  2. Technology: With online weddings and celebrations on the rise, technology has been a great catalyst. You might be anywhere in the world but if you have access to the internet, the world is a small place! In one of the previous weddings we planned, the bride’s grandmother wasn’t able to travel for the wedding because of her health condition. The bride requested for live streaming of the entire wedding in a different country, and we promised to do the needful. One can still be a part of the celebrations no matter what part of the world they are in; all you need is a common social media platform, good internet connection, and big screens.

  3. Wedding Planner: A legit question right now would be - “Do we actually need a planner in this case?” Our efficient team of #Wednerds makes sure your celebrations are hassle-free every step of the way by leveraging our expertise, to unveil the new Chapter of your life. Right from bringing everyone together to planning and curating each intricate detail for your special day, we’ll take away all your worries and turn them into everlasting memories!

In addition, here’s what the pioneers of the Indian wedding industry had to say about a WFH:

“During these times, limited-attendance weddings from home is becoming popular. We have catered to some wedding events at homes recently with limited numbers below 20. The meetings are usually hosted through streaming on ZOOM. A complete walk-around of the rooms, wedding mandap area or dining are shown and the rest is done with an estimation of space. Mostly there has been a limited course by course menu. The menus need to be cost-effective and practical to the “limited staff use and contact” policy one needs to adopt. Accreditation with International standards and best practices set by HACCP and ISO 22000 needs to be deeply imbibed in our systems to build client confidence. Special requests and their preferences are discussed and the menu is then made accordingly. Menus are shared on whatsapp group where the proposed menu is finalized after discussion with members of the family. Even the crockery, cutlery, glassware, uniform, etc are shown on the screen for their consent. These weddings are small and intimate. As a chef, I feel that there should be something which will make them happy on the couple’s most important day. Being small in numbers - printing of names on table covers, writing hashtags on desserts, flagging the dishes on the plate, restaurant-style food display is some of the trends that I follow.”

“Initially it's worth mentioning that wedding traditions in Azerbaijan are largely similar to Indian weddings - the presence of family members and closest friends is of utmost importance. It's actually quite substantial to imagine and create the right atmosphere and mood for the event/s so that every attending guest or connected online feels like part of the celebrations. This can be achieved by sending special gift boxes to the guests, cards for writing heartfelt wishes, interactive games, playlist of songs and much more. Adapting to given circumstances, due priority has to be given to follow health & safety measures. Some of the solutions we came up with would be the following:
-Providing incoming guests individually made face masks with the initials of bride & groom or made with elements of the wedding decor theme. As well as send such masks to guests attending online as part of a wedding hamper box.
-Plan unique seating arrangements. If it's an apartment, then try to seat the guests on 2 separate tables following some space between them.
- In case of an existing patio or a small outdoor area try to concentrate all dining & dancing functions outside, helping to maintain both distance and fresh air.
- Sanitizers and sprays spread across the venue wherever possible to ensure the comfort of guests.
- Also not forgetting the online guests. It will be more creative to brainstorm around web content and entertainment which will create a chance to improvise and definitely turn the celebration into a memorable one.”

“In these times, intimate celebrations are on the rise. Looking at the current scenario, we can’t let our guard down any moment and in turn, risking the safety of our clients and teams. During a wedding, we all have to work together to maintain this safety net of following and adhering to the stipulated protocols. We tend to ensure that there are no unwanted guests or team members in the designated makeup room or area. All our kits and equipment are thoroughly sanitized before and after the use. We have also cut down on the size of these kits for less hassle. All our team members are advised to wear proper safety gears and follow mandatory safety procedures. Of course, technology has made our lives easier as most of the pre-event interactions with the clients have shifted to video-calls or such mediums. All in all, it’s our responsibility as stakeholders to this ecosystem to follow the prescribed guidelines and propagate the same to our partners and patrons at large.”

A WFH is definitely a subdued yet enjoyable proposition. The silver lining is that you can invite anyone and everyone from around the world (virtually) to be a part of your special day.

As the saying goes, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times; but only to those who remember to turn on the light.” Let us be the light that guides you through your celebrations and leave behind memories to cherish for a lifetime.


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