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Professionals with unique sensibilities, veterans from F&B and creative industry, will make perfect use of their expertise to put together an event to unveil the new Chapter of your life.

" Arrive at your own Wedding as Guests..."

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 "We are global event planners with a focus on destination weddings and niche events, with a team of Professional #WedNerds

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Chapter 2 Events team made Maithili's dream come alive and they made my experience unforgettable. The attention to detail and constant delivery of wow factor at every event was unequivocally out of this world. C2E went above and beyond the call of duty every second for the entire week. There wasn't a single moment where they weren't catering to our & our family needs. The execution was flawless while you could easily see the love and thought process that went into making each event truly breathtaking. This team will ensure that the couple and their loved ones have a wedding to remember and they are so good family members will have zero complaints unheard of for India!

Rohit Gupta, Groom

San Francisco




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