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Our CLIENTS Wanna Dance, Sing And Celebrate...

We Curate, You Celebrate! 

About C2E

"We are Global Event Planners, who specialize in curating unparalleled luxury celebrations set in stunning destinations worldwide. Our #Wednerds are committed to orchestrating seamless experiences, meticulously guiding you through each stage to craft moments that linger in memory forever. Let us redefine celebration for you and unveil the next chapter of your life in style."

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Varnika & James

James and I were lucky enough to have the C2E family as part of our wedding planning. Despite a 2 year hiatus due to COVID and logistical challenges, the team were always at hand for any FAQs or bespoke requests. They arranged organised virtual meetings & presentations to keep everyone informed on each detail, yet maintained the warmth and compassion of Indian hospitality. They understood our personalities and produced event ideas that reflected us. They were patient with multiple family members and led with grace. During the festivities, they became every guest's best friend and stimulated the party vibes, whilst ensuring the smooth running of events. They really made the experience of a big, fat Indian wedding a breeze for us. Thank you to the whole team at C2E with special mention to Kunal & Anushka for going above and beyond. We would recommend them to anyone! They are part of the family now!

Varnika Horsley, Bride



When Sanjana & I started to think about our wedding, and we came across C2E on the internet- we were like we need to speak to these guys right now! And then you were the first planner we spoke to. Right after our call, we were like this is whom we’re going for 1000%. SOOOO GLAD WE DID!

Thank you for making multiple recce trips for us, for showing us each & every detail of every property you visited (very very helpful), for bearing with our fickle-mindedness, for catering to all our random wants & more, for always giving me hope when everyone said Turkey won’t be possible, and lastly - for being the best wedding planner we could’ve asked for, who gave us the WEDDING OF OUR DREAMS!! We were totally blown away with the attention to detail C2E put in, how smoothly you guys handled the event, and just how approachable & helpful everyone on your team was! Thank you once again for all your hard work 🙏🏼🙌🏼

Aman Juneja, Groom


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